€458M additional investment increasing Europe’s ATM performance through SESAR


The European Commission (INEA) has just announced the CEF Coordination Committee Decision including the results regarding the Funding Objective 3.1, “Single European Sky – SESAR”.

A total of 290,3 m euro of EU funding will be devoted to modernising European air traffic management. All in all, 14 projects under which the project “SESAR Deployment Programme implementation – 2017” –  including no less than 49 implementation projects in one action submitted by SESAR Deployment Manager have been awarded.

This means that, under the coordination of SDM, these 49 implementation projects with the involvement of 59 partners have been awarded by INEA for a total eligible cost of 458 million euro with 228 million euro of INEA co-funding.

This brings the total investment in ATM modernization coordinated by SESAR Deployment Manager to 3 billion euro, with a total grant of 1,35 billion euro. With this new action included, SESAR Deployment Manager is managing a total of 349 projects from 93 partners of which 77 are already completed. These newly awarded modernization projects are expected to bring more safety and capacity benefits to the overall European ATM network performance.

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