EUMETNET and partners complete 3 SESAR deployment Implementation Projects


Congratulations to EUMETNET & partners for the simultaneous completion of 3 SESAR deployment Implementation Projects for ensuring the timely availability of meteorological information to all relevant stakeholders to mitigate the impact of bad weather on aviation operations: 2015_067_AF5, 2015_068_AF5, and 2015_069_AF5.

The largest European MET service providers have finalised the setup of their new SWIM service access points via the SWIM Registry, where all ATM stakeholders can retrieve relevant information for their operations.

This includes high-quality and real-time 3D weather radar data, probability forecasts for winter weather conditions and forecasts of weather hazards (including icing, turbulence and convection, etc.) offering a single, harmonized, pan-European view of these weather phenomena to help enhance situational awareness.

The availability of all this information will not only enable an improved planning of operations and reduce unexpected delays, but it will also support optimized flight paths for Airspace Users, with positive effects on the #environment due to less consumption of fossil fuels.

These implementation projects are framed in the SESAR Deployment Programme Family 5.4.1 “Meteorological Information Exchange”.