Dublin Airport complete SESAR Deployment Implementation Projects - Use SWIM methods to replace AFTN feeds for A-CDM and Upgrade/Replace Infrastructure to facilitate SWIM


Congratulations to Dublin Airport for the completion of the SESAR deployment Implementation Projects 2016_033_AF5 “Use SWIM methods to replace AFTN feeds for A-CDM” and 2016_034_AF5 “Upgrade/Replace Infrastructure to facilitate SWIM”, which aim to ensure the exchange of A-CDM data with the Network Manager Operations Centre (NMOC) via a new SWIM platform and infrastructure compliant with SWIM Yellow Profile.

Both Implementation Projects are framed in Families 5.2.1 “Stakeholders’ SWIM PKI and cyber security” and 5.5.1 “Cooperative Network Information Exchange” of the SESAR Deployment Programme developed for the recently adopted CP1 Regulation.