Deployment Programme 2015 - Edition November available


A new edition of the Deployment Programme 2015 is available: “SESAR Deployment Programme 2015 – Edition November”.

This new edition introduces clarifications and minor adjustments. It serves as reference for proposals submitted under the “common projects” category of the “Single European Sky – SESAR” priority in the context of the CEF Transport calls for proposals (Funding objective 3). This new edition has also been submitted to the Commission for its formal approval in accordance with Article 11 of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 409/2013.

Compared to the previous edition of the Deployment Programme 2015 dated 30th September 2015, the main clarifications and adjustments are with the description of the families under AF6 (see chapter 3.6), the Data-Link related risks and mitigation actions (see chapter 6) as well as the standardisation and regulatory matrices (see annexe B). Other changes are of editorial nature, such as references to the relevant EU regulations, reference to the updated IP template and improving the completeness of the glossary.

It is important to note that this new edition contains no change that could lead to any adverse impact on the candidate projects you have already submitted in draft form to the SESAR Deployment Manager on the basis of the Deployment Programme 2015 dated 30th September 2015.