BULATSA completes SESAR deployment Implementation Project – tCAT implementation in Sofia ACC


Congratulations to the Bulgarian Air Nagivation Service Provider BULATSA for the completion of their SESAR deployment Implementation Project 2015_217_AF4, which materialises in the deployment of a Traffic Complexity Assessment Tool (tCAT) in the Sofia Air Control Center. tCAT is a decision support tool that predicts the complexity of operations, thus allowing accurate planning of ATC resources.

The completion of this project will improve capacity with delay reduction, and is expected to save 63,4 million euros until 2030. The project is framed within the SESAR Deployment Programme Family 4.3.1 “Automated Support for Traffic Complexity Assessment and Flight Planning interfaces”.

SESAR Deployment Manager performs a Cost-Benefit Analysis for all completed projects after 1 year in operation in order to evaluate their contribution to the network performance and the benefits delivered against the original expectations. The same process will apply to project 2015_217_AF4 in 2022, which is expected to confirm its positive impact.