ADS-B news: V2 equipage rate now approaching 90% and ADS-B Ground Implementation & Best Practices Report with EUROCONTROL


ADS-B implementation is ongoing and the current equipage level of ADS-B V2 is approaching 90%. Moreover, the report on ADS-B Ground Implementation and Best Practices elaborate with EUROCONTROL is now under review of the involved ANSPs.

The equipage rate on aircraft subjected to the Surveillance Performance and Interoperability Implementing Rule mandate is steadily rising. ADS-B V2 equipage rate is now approaching 90% thanks to the ongoing efforts of all involved stakeholders. 

Moreover, a series of virtual visits conducted in spring with 6 selected pioneering ANSPs has now culminated in a report elaborated during the summer in collaboration with EUROCONTROL. The report, provisionally titled “ADS-B Ground Implementation & Best Practices”, is now under review with the involved ANSPs. We hope to be able to share this report with the European Commission soon and follow up with a discussion on the next steps to follow.

Finally, work is also progressing on some previously identified implementation risks such as privacy and availability of avionic solutions tailored to operations and not covered by the mandate. We are currently monitoring closely and supporting wherever needed.