2017 CEF Transport SESAR call for proposals open


The 2017 CEF Transport SESAR call for proposals opened on 6 October 2017. It makes €290 million of EU funding available for projects of common interest in the transport sector in all EU Member States.

The call is open exclusively for proposals addressing the priority Single European Sky – SESAR. Please consult section 3.1.1 of the multi-annual work programme (Funding Objective 3) for more details.

SESAR Deployment Manager is standing by to coordinate and support your proposals.

You can contact us at:


All information regarding this SESAR call will be shared on:

18/10/2017 during the SESAR Deployment Manager 2017 CEF Transport call for proposals Launch Event

19/10/2017 during the Virtual Information day organised by INEA 

Watch the webcast here

More info:

Full text of the 2017 CEF Transport SESAR 2017 call for proposals