2015 CEF Transport Calls: 3 SESAR Clusters successfully submitted


In response to the 2015 CEF Transport Calls for Proposals, 3 SESAR Clusters where successfully submitted to INEA by SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) yesterday evening.

The 3 proposals, submitted under both the general and the cohesion envelope, integrate a total of 223 implementation projects assessed by SDM as relevant to the implementation of the Pilot Common Project (Regulation (EU) N°714/2016) for a total potential investment of €2.4 billion.

Behind these 3 proposals, 83 partners in 31 States (27 EU Member States and 4 Neighbouring States) including Air Navigation Service Providers, Airlines, Airports Operators, Meteorological Service Providers, the Network Manager, the Military and the Manufacturing Industry stand ready to invest in modernising Europe’s Air Traffic Management system deploying SESAR technologies and operational procedures and thus contributing to achieve the Single European Sky performance objectives.

The proposals’ submission is only the first step in the application process. The next steps with their indicative timeline defined by INEA are:

  1. Evaluation of proposals February – May 2016  

  2. Consultation of CEF Coordination Committee, information of European Parliament – June 2016

  3. Adoption of Selection Decision – July 2016

  4. Signature of individual grant Agreements – September 2016

The SESAR Deployment Manager will support all concerned stakeholders during the entire process to ensure timely finalization and signature of the Specific Grant Agreement. Dedicated supporting material, including Guidelines to assist during the next phases will be provided once the results of the CEF Coordination Committee are available.

SESAR Deployment is ongoing!