2015 CEF CALL Final draft IP templates - deadline has passed


Message to all 2015 CEF Calls for Proposals participants:

Dear participant to the 2015 CEF Calls for Proposals,

Considering the tight roadmap that SDM has to meet in order to provide you with the second draft of the proposals by 23rd December, there is no more time buffer available: the deadline for uploading your final IP template (17/12/2015 06:00 PM CET) has now passed.

Few projects are still missing. Although SDM cannot commit to consider updated IP templates that still have to be uploaded, you are encouraged to upload them as fast as possible.

By default, SDM will consider and develop the second draft of the proposals on the basis of the last draft version of IP templates provided during the second or first round.

In case you have timely uploaded your final IP template, please disregard this message.

Thank you all for your participation,

SDM 2015 CEF Transport Calls Team

Please contact us in case you have any concerns:

Freek De Witte

Head of Stakeholder Relations


+32 497 66 02 78