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SDM press coverage full overview 2015 to 2020 (updated until May 2020)

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Highlighted articles

SESAR Deployment Manager creates ATM modernisation COVID-19 measures, 29 June 2020, International Airport Review, 

DSNA successfully migrated to NewPENS, 17 June 2020, Air Traffic Management

SESAR: Digitalising and decarbonising Europe’s airspace, 15 June 2020 International Airport Review, Leah Hockley & Nicolas Warinsko

Coronavirus delays European ADS-B deadline, 1 May 2020, Flight Global, Dan Thisdell

What’s new with SESAR Deployment Manager?, 30 April 2020, Air Traffic Management Magazine

Europe’s ATM Modernization Champions Strive To Keep Momentum, 13 April 2020, Aviation Week

Future deployment of SESAR technologies by airports: moving to on-time operations based on digital information sharing, 25 March 2020, Airport Business, Luc Laveyne

Satélites europeos Iris para controlar los aviones en ‘4D’, 18 March 2019, Innovadores, Julio Miravalls

Europe’s airports embrace digital transformation with SESAR’s innovative excellence, 16 March 2019, Ines Rebelo

La tecnología espacial ayudará a descongestionar el tráfico aéreo mundial, 14 March 2019, Fly News, Juan Pons

Clear Skies, 2017, Air Traffic Technology International

What do we know for sure about ATM? Partnership are essential, 9 March 2017, Travel Daily News International, Vicky Karantzavelou

SESAR solutions deployed in daily operation, 1 March 2017, Jane’s Airport 360, Jenny Beechener

Europe tightens control on research activities, 6 February 2017, Jane’s Airport 360, Jenny Beechener

Single sky initiative moves ahead in Europe, Summer 2016, TIACA Times

SESAR Deployment is a daily reality in Europe, 16 March 2016, International Airport Review

SESAR Deployment is a daily reality in Europe, 16 March 2016, International Airport Review, Katie Sadler

ATM World Congress 2016: Leadership change and implementation, Hispaviacion, Lorena Martinez Caamano

All together now, 7 March 2016, Air Traffic Management

Action plan, 2016, Air Traffic Technology International, Helen Norman

SESAR chiefs fear deployment ‘show-stoppers’, 1 October 2015, Air Traffic Management

An interview with SESAR Deployment Manager’s Managing Director Massimo Garbini, 8 September 2015, Katie Sadler