ATM manufacturers invited to collaborate with SDM

Invitation to ATM-related manufacturers to express their interest to cooperate with the SESAR Deployment Manager before 12th April


In order to facilitate the industrialisation processes related to the products necessary for the deployment of ATM functionalities and to ensure the timely availability of standards and products according to the SESAR Deployment Programme, the SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) has been seeking the assistance of ATM manufacturers. As a result of a first Call for Expression of Interests launched in 2016, 18 ATM manufacturers and some of their affiliated entities have been engaged in a close cooperation with the SDM.

To give other relevant ATM manufacturers the opportunity to conclude a Cooperative Arrangement with the SDM, the SDM is now launching a new Call for Expression of Interests. The objectives of the cooperation are to ensure that:

  • the Deployment Programme and the relevant industrialisation processes are duly synchronised;
  • the priorities in the Deployment Programme are effectively communicated to the manufacturing industry;
  • the SDM is regularly informed by the manufacturing industry on the readiness of products that are required for ATM functionalities or sub-functionalities.

The Call for Expression of Interests is open to all industry manufacturers relevant to the production of ATM functionalities or sub-functionalities related technologies, as specified in the Deployment Programme.

Interested industry manufacturers should be directly or indirectly involved in the production of technologies essential for the implementation of the SESAR Deployment Programme.

All detailed information can be found here


If your organisation is interested, the SDM invites you to express your interest by 12 April 2018 to the following email address: