Invitation to ATM-related manufacturers to express their interest to cooperate with the SESAR Deployment Manager

SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) is the technological pillar of the Single European Sky. It aims to improve Air Traffic Management (ATM) performance by modernising and harmonising ATM systems through the definition, development, validation and deployment of innovative technological and operational ATM solutions.

The SESAR Deployment Alliance (SDA) consortium was selected on 5 December 2014 by the European Commission to act as the SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) following the Call for Proposals MOVE/E2-2014-717/SESAR FPA to undertake the management level of the Deployment phase in accordance with Article 9(2) of Regulation (EU) No 409/2013.

In order to facilitate the industrialisation processes related to the products necessary for the deployment of ATM functionalities and to ensure the timely availability of standards and products according to the Deployment Programme, the SDM is seeking the assistance of ATM Manufacturers.

To this end, and pursuant to Article 9(10) of Regulation (EU) No 409/2013, the SDM is launching a Call for Expression of Interests to conclude Cooperative Arrangements with relevant ATM Manufacturers to ensure that:

  • the Deployment Programme and the relevant industrialisation processes are duly synchronised;
  • the priorities in the Deployment Programme are effectively communicated to the Manufacturing Industry;
  • the SDM is regularly informed by the Manufacturing Industry on the readiness of products that are required for ATM functionalities or sub-functionalities.


Eligibility criteria

The Call for Expression of Interests is open to all industry manufacturers relevant to the production of ATM functionalities or sub-functionalities related technologies, as specified in the Deployment Programme (cf. below).

Interested industry manufacturers should be directly or indirectly involved in the production of technologies essential for the implementation of the SESAR Deployment Programme.

The industry manufacturers must be legal entities.


List of ATM functionalities and sub-functionalities

AF 1: extended AMAN and PBN in high density TMA

  • S-AF 1.1: Arrival Management Extended to en-route Airspace
  • S-AF 1.2: Enhanced TMA using RNP-Based Operations

AF 2: Airport Integration and Throughput

  • S-AF 2.1: DMAN synchronized with Pre-departure sequencing
  • S-AF 2.2: DMAN integrating Surface Management Constraints
  • S-AF 2.3: Time-Based Separation for Final Approach
  • S-AF 2.4: Automated Assistance to Controller for Surface Movement Planning and Routing
  • S-AF 2.5: Airport Safety Nets

AF 3: Flexible ASM and Free Route

  • S-AF 3.1: ASM and Advanced FUA
  • S-AF 3.2: Free Route

AF 4: Network Collaborative Management

  • S-AF 4.1: Enhanced STAM
  • S-AF 4.2: Collaborative NOP
  • S-AF 4.3: Calculated Take-off time to Target Times for ATFCM Purposes
  • S-AF 4.4: Automated Support for Traffic Complexity Assessment

AF 5: Initial SWIM

  • S-AF 5.1: Common Infrastructure Components
  • S-AF 5.2: SWIM Infrastructures and Profiles
  • S-AF 5.3: Aeronautical Information Exchange
  • S-AF 5.4: Meteorological Information Exchange
  • S-AF 5.5: Cooperative Network Information Exchange
  • S-AF 5.6: Flights Information Exchange

AF 6: Initial Trajectory Information Sharing

  • S-AF 6.1: Initial Trajectory Information Sharing


For more detailed information

Regulation (EU) No 409/2013 of 3 May 2013 (OJ L 123/1 of 4 May 2013)

SESAR Deployment Programme Edition 2015


Model of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

You can download the model of MoU that will be used to formalise the cooperation with the SDM here:

Indicative model MoU SDM-Manufacturing Industry

Please note that this model MoU is only indicative. The final MoU to be signed by your organisation will be formally communicated to you following the receipt of the expression of interest.



Express your interest here

If your organisation is interested to cooperate with the SDM, you are invited to express your organisation’s interest before 31 March 2016 18h00 (CET) by clicking here. (Deadline has expired)


Contact details

SESAR Deployment Manager

100, avenue de Cortenbergh

B – 1000 Brussels


+32 (0) 2 793 06 80

Disclaimer: Please note that this Call for Expression of Interest does not entitle any of the manufacturers to any consideration for the information submitted and/or rights or expectations from the SESAR Deployment Manager of the European Commission.
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