Interactive SESAR wall showcased at WAC in Madrid

We were delighted to see so many of you at this year’s World Air Traffic Management (ATM) Congress (WAC) in Madrid, Spain earlier this month.

We welcomed hundreds of visitors to the SESAR exhibition stand, walking tours, and sessions, who got a taste of the transformation that is happening in air traffic management in Europe thanks to the hard work of the SESAR community and its stakeholders.


This year included several firsts including a digital Interactive SESAR Wall that allowed us to showcase key SESAR solutions and families in an engaging and very user-friendly way.

Visitors were able use the Wall to discover exactly where around Europe SESAR deployment is happening and see what impact it is having on air traffic across the continent.

This application will be available on our website in the coming weeks – do keep an eye on our Twitter account to discover when this will happen.

There were also numerous opportunities for visitors to meet with experts from the SESAR community, and we also hosted a Press Breakfast, where we informed journalists on the state of play of SESAR deployment using the Interactive Wall.

Our stand was also the hub of a series of 15 pre-defined walking tours, jointly organised by SESAR Joint Undertaking (SESAR JU), SESAR Deployment Manager (SESAR DM), and various SESAR stakeholders.

The walking tours gave visitors an opportunity to meet with experts from the SESAR community and see first-hand the wide variety of solutions that are being delivered and deployed across Europe.

Finally, the SESAR team gave series of presentations throughout the event, covering a wide range of topics showcasing ATM modernisation.

One of the presentations provided overview of the full lifecycle of SESAR, from innovation to deployment being a reality today, already improving the performance of Europe’s air traffic management system. The session updated stakeholders on the Pilot Common Project review, the Common Project (CP2), the next edition of the ATM Master Plan, as well as plans to rethink the airspace architecture.

The role of women in aviation and the need for greater gender equality was the theme of another session, highlighting the status of gender parity in the industry and what stakeholders are doing to strike the right balance.

Another presentation gave an overview of how Data Link Services (DLS) is recovering from delay in modernising ATM communication in Europe.

For more information on each of the sessions, visit our website at