Hard to find better success story on cooperation

Improvements key to creating the air traffic management system of tomorrow in Europe took centre stage during a session, Building tomorrow’s innovative air traffic system, led by SESAR at the TEN-T Days conference this week in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Collaboration was also highlighted as an integral part of SESAR’s ongoing success story, and the more than 90 delegates attending the session received a thorough overview of the latest developments that are modernising and synchronising Europe’s aviation industry, making it fit for the 21st century.


Both civil and military projects were brought into focus, as well as innovative digital solutions and partnerships that have been introduced via the SESAR programme, with input from a range of stakeholders and high-ranking partners of the SESAR family.


Panellists underscored some of the SESAR deployment projects that are enhancing air transport connectivity through combining legal measures, engagement of a range of stakeholders, incentives, and a strong inclusive policy-driven innovation cycle.


Nicolas Warinsko, General Manager of SESAR Deployment Manager, introduced the SESAR-led session, providing an initial overview of all SESAR activities to-date as well as future opportunities for enhancing the SESAR mission.


Discussion points also included increased civil-military cooperation, synchronised development of essential ATM functionalities, and modernisation and harmonisation of ATM systems throughout Europe, all of which are reducing fragmentation across Europe’s borders.


Speakers included Marian-Jean Marinescu, Member of the European Parliament; Cristobal Millan de La Lastra, Innovation and Networks Executive Agency, Head of Unit CEF Transport C2 – Central and South-East Europe, ATM and Marco Polo.


A question-and-answer panel, moderated by Warinsko, quizzed high-level representatives of SESAR stakeholders including: Zmago Skobir, Managing Director, Ljubljana Airport; Kornél Szepessy, Chief Executive Officer, HungaroControl; Peter Bellew, Chief Operating Officer, Ryanair; and Christophe Vivier, European Defence Agency Head of the Single European Sky/SESAR.


Skobir discussed the role of airports in SESAR deployment and the key importance of information sharing, as well as CEF support being crucial to regional airports.


Vivier told delegates that the EU Defence Agency is ensuring security for EU citizens through SESAR deployment and CEF.


Henrik Hololei, Director General of DG MOVE, closed the session, noting that “it is hard to find a better success story of EU industry & public institution cooperation when you know SESAR”. In his closing notes he also mentioned that putting the industry in the driving seat of SESAR deployment has been the right decision.


SESAR Deployment Manager and SESAR Joint Undertaking were both represented at a stand under the umbrella of the European Commission, where they had the opportunity to showcase the interactive SESAR tools representing both the actual synergy between SESAR R&D and SESAR deployment around European to more than 2,000 visitors who attended the three-day event.


The presentations of the Aviation session: Building tomorrow’s innovative air traffic system are available to view here


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