Workshop on ADS-B Implementation

18.10.2022 12:00-15:00

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A workshop on ADS-B Ground Implementation on Tuesday 18 October 2022. The workshop builds upon the implementation support and monitoring work conducted by SDM in the recent years.

Objectives of this workshop:

  • To raise awareness of ongoing ADS-B implementations in the ground domain (Air Navigation Service Providers)

  • To discuss the role of ADS-B in a modern surveillance architecture

  • To understand the ANSP experience and operational benefits when implementing ADS-B

  • To inform you on what is already available and/or implemented

  • To provide an outlook from a European perspective

Target audience for this workshop:

  • Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs)

  • Airspace Users (AUs)

  • Military

Among the featured speakers are FAA, European Defence Agency and a number of implementing European ANSP’s.

To facilitate the interactions during this workshop, you are invited to submit questions you have on ADS-B implementation and operational use (please submit by latest 30/09/2022).

The workshop will take place at EUROCONTROL Headquarters, Rue de la Fusée 96, Brussels (meeting room Neo in the Da Vinci building) Please indicate your preferred method in the registration link.

After registration, you will soon receive a detailed programme and connection details.

Feel free to share this invitation with any of your colleagues that might be interested in this topic.

We are looking forward to seeing you for this ADS-B implementation workshop!