SESAR Solution workshop: Digital solutions and tools for enhanced collaboration with airspace users

SESAR Solution workshop

Digital solutions and tools for enhanced collaboration with airspace users  

1 & 2, October 2018

Location: Lufthansa Seeheim, Frankfurt

Following the first SESAR Solutions workshop on Remote Tower Services in 2014 and the second on Extended-AMAN in 2015, this will be the third in a series of workshops showcasing SESAR Solutions.


The 2018 edition of the SESAR Solution Workshop will showcase SESAR activities on a series of solutions that are of benefit to airspace users.  The overarching theme of the event will be ‘digital solutions and tools for enhanced collaboration with airspace users’. Covering the full SESAR life cycle, from innovation to deployment, the workshop will focus on solutions that provide airspace users with flexibility with departures and arrivals, as well as in overall trajectory management.  The workshop will go beyond the theory to provide an overview of both synchronised and local deployment activities.


The overall aim of the workshop is to showcase the results of these activities in order to encourage wider take up of the solutions and showcase the link with SESAR implementations and general uptake as well as success stories with the SESAR Deployment Programme.


Who should attend?

This event will be designed for technical aviation specialists in the fields of: airspace users, air nagivation service providers (ANSPs), European Commission, national and regional authorities, manufacturers, air traffic controllers, pilots and staff associations.


What do we want the participants to get out of it?

This event will be an opportunity for participants to learn more about these solutions delivered by SESAR and to meet with the ATM stakeholders concerned. Ultimately, attending the event will allow you to:

  • Hear from stakeholders who are already maturing and making these SESAR solutions a reality. Learn about their real-life experiences and how this has impacted their strategic and investment planning and even into day-to-day operations.
  • Learn how the implementation of such solutions, either on a wider synchronised approach via the SESAR Deployment Programme or locally can be achieved.
  • Understand regulatory and standardisation activities underway to support the development and implementation of these services.
  • Discover what´s up next for these solutions in terms of new innovative procedures and technologies.

Stay tuned for more information, an agenda will be published shortly.

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