Interim Payment Workshop 23 or 24 May 2018


The SESAR Deployment Manager team is pleased to invite you to the:

Interim Payment Workshop for:

  • DP Implementation – Call CEF 2014, n° 2014-EU-TM-0136-M
  • SESAR Deployment Programme implementation 2015 – Cluster 1, n° 2015-EU-TM-0193-M
  • SESAR Deployment Programme implementation 2015 – Cluster 2, n° 2015-EU-TM-0196-M
  • SESAR Deployment Programme implementation 2015 – Cluster 3, n° 2015-EU-TM-0197-M​

Due to the complexity of the process for the Interim Payment request elaboration, SDM will host a dedicated one-day Workshop (repeated on 23 and 24 May) at SESAR Deployment Manager premises in Brussels. This event will launch the Interim Payment request elaboration and will provide you with detailed information on the process, the timeline as well as all mandatory documents which need to be provided. The Workshop will also include dedicated Q&A sessions to address all of your questions and open points.

You can already submit your question on Interim Payment by clicking here.

Early birds:

REGISTER HERE for the 23th of May

REGISTER HERE for the 24th of May

Please note that INEA requested to ensure full traceability of claiming against IP tasks and relevant costs. To this end, and following Agency inputs, SDM is working on the Interim Financial Statement (IFS) template to be improved with a drop down menu navigator to simplify the filling out of the IFS and keeping consistent with the Action and IP structure. The resulting template will be shared with you in the upcoming weeks, well in advance to the upcoming event. It needs to be highlighted that to ensure the successful interim payment request submission to INEA the above mentioned template shall be used. The Interim Payment process will be supported by dedicated Guidelines to ensure your better understanding and facilitate your tasks.

A more detailed agenda with logistics information will be shared with you in the upcoming weeks.

Please note that this Interim Payment Workshop is only for stakeholders involved in the above- mentioned Actions.

Please book your attendance in only one of the alternative dates, as SDM will provide the very same presentation on each of the dates. The number of participants per beneficiary is limited to 2 persons.

The workshop targets all Action Beneficiaries, in particular Administrative or Financial PoCs who will be responsible for the interim payment request elaboration within each organization.

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