Updating on ASR process

In line with our communication sent on the 26th of February 2018, the SDM experienced during the ASR elaboration issues connected to the support tool (STAR) which was followed by a deep review and further assessment of all submitted data to ensure consistency and coherence of the IP ASRs.


To this end, the ASR roadmap, outlined within the Guidelines, has been revised accordingly More specifically, the revised roadmap has been shared with the Beneficiaries on 5th of March 2018 where SDM was in the position to launch the IP ASRs re-confirmation process for all IP ASRs impacted.


The new deadlines of the ASR 2018 activities are reported here below:


  • 5th of March 2018 – 9th of March 2018: IP re-confirmation process (only for the sub-set of IP ASRs impacted by the STAR and communicated by SDM on a bilateral basis);completed
  • Activity ASR elaboration by the Activity Leaders by 23rd of March 2018; completed
  • Action ASR elaboration by Action Leader by 12th of April 2018; completed
  • Declaration on Honour (DoH) to be provided by Implementing Partners within the period 16th – 19th of April 2018 (for those who have already sent the DoH, the re-confirmation of the Declaration validity will be requested)


In parallel, the new deadlines of the ASR 2018 processes concerning the Member States (MSs) involvement were communicated to the respective Member State representatives on 9th of April 2018. For your convenience, you can find here below the main deadlines:


  • 16th of April 2018 SDM will provide MSs access on TENtec Tool to comment/integrate the draft of the ASR at Action level;
  • 19th of April 2018 SDM will provide the MSs with the full batch of supporting document including the IP ASRs confirmed by you, Implementing Partners, and the relevant DoH;
  • MSs will have the possibility to comment and provide contributions on the overall Action ASR content in drat version on TENtec from 16 until 20th of April 2018;
  • 24th of April 2018 SDM will integrate the comments/contributions provided by the MSs representatives and the status of the Action ASR in TENtec will be changed for “ready for MS certification”;
  • MSs will provide the ASR certification not later than 30th of April 2018.

SDM will collect all contributions and the MS certifications by 30th of April 2018, and will submit the ASR 2018 within the next 48 hours to INEA ASR through the TENtec system.