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The 2 following tables provide an outlook of the 287 candidate IPs distribution per AF and per stakeholder category

ATM Functionalities IP Templates per AF % per AF
AF1 54 19%
AF2 72 25%
AF3 45 16%
AF4 23 8%
AF5 71 25%
AF6 18 6%
AFX 4 1%
Total 287 100%

 “AFx” means projects which need more screening before confirmation they are PCP related and allocation to one AF

Stakeholder Category IP Templates per Stakeholder Category % per Stakeholder Category
Airport Operator 60 21%
Airspace User 37 13%
ANSP 98 34%
Industry/Providers 17 6%
MET Service Provider 5 2%
Military 35 12%
Total 287 100%

Another key parameter that SDM monitors is candidate IPs distribution between General and Cohesion calls to ensure optimum use of both envelope. Based on the 287 candidate IPs received up to now, the General call is significantly over booked whilst some potential remains in the Cohesion call. SDM is at work to trigger more candidate projects from potential beneficiaries of the Cohesion call. SDM will feedback to the stakeholders on their candidate IPs by 27th November. This feedback will be elaborated in coordination with the SESAR JU, the Network Manager and the European Defense Agency within their respective roles and competencies.

Whilst the deadline for SDM to receive first draft of the IP template was on 16th November, it is still possible to submit. The next deadline for collecting IP templates is set on 7 December. By this deadline SDM expects to receive the second draft of the IP templates integrating SDM feedback received on 27th November. However, the later you submit, the less SDM will be in position to provide you with the best support within the preparation phase. Beyond 7 December, SDM anticipates that it may no longer be in position to provide any support and integrate into the master proposals that will be under intensive preparation by SDM after this date and up to 20th January 2016, date on which the proposals will be submitted to the Member States for their endorsement. Therefore, any candidate IP that would pop up for the first time after 7 December may  be oriented towards the category “other projects” of the General and Cohesion calls 2015. This deadline will be further explained at the mid-term review on 1st December.

The stakeholders who have submitted IP templates to SDM are now receiving dedicated CEF Transport Calls 2015 weekly report that provides concise and clear overview of each weeks’ achieved activities and next weeks’ upcoming activities and deadlines. This report allows implementing partners to focus on their projects without missing out on any important 2015 CEF TRANSPORT CALLS information. In case you have submitted IP templates to SDM and you have not received the first issue of the weekly report released on Friday 20th November by email, please contact urgently SDM at the following email address: