Action Status Report 2018

The ASRs 2018 elaboration and finalization continued in the reference period and all Implementing Partners provided to SDM the “Declaration of Honour regarding the accuracy and completeness of the information provided for the ASR 2018”, as per SDM letter from 16th of April 2018.

In parallel, following the finalization of the ASR 2018 draft version, the Member States were requested to provide to SDM their comments (if any) to the draft ASRs, which were then integrated in the final ASRs versions.

The SDM collected the Member States certifications, duly signed and dated, which were a pre-condition for the ASR submission.

Thanks to the joint effort of all involved Implementing Partners, Member States and SDM, the respective Action Status Reports 2018 including their supporting documents have been successfully submitted to INEA as follows:

  • On 16th of May 2018: Call 2014, Call 2015 – Cluster 1 & Cluster 3 and Call 2016 – Cluster 1;
  • On 17th of May 2018: Call 2015 – Cluster 2 and Call 2016 – Cluster 2.

SDM would like to take this opportunity to thank to all of you for your support during this complex process and of course we will keep you informed about the next steps.

Please note that the submitted documents have been uploaded to the relevant folders within the respective FPA Repositories in the STAR tool. For more information please refer to the newsletter content of each of the impacted Actions.