DLS Newsletter November 2017

Read more on ‘the Report on Service Areas and DLS overall Architecture’:

The SDM has elaborated the “D12.2 – Report on Service Areas and overall DLS architecture“ building on the support gained through the Path II Multi-stakeholder project, which has been suitably designed to support the SDM in its relevant tasks. In more details, the document focuses on two topics that are key driver for a timely and successful DLS implementation throughout Europe, i.e.:

  • – Service Areas definition;
  • – Overall Technical Architecture identification.

While for the first, it is proposed a two-stepwise approach designed taking in duly account the expected technical evolution of the transitional solutions; for the second one specific technical evaluations on two architecture proposals have been carried out outlining the main elements needed to ensure the overall technical architecture deployment in Europe. In this context, the SDM highlights both the points of convergence as well as remaining open points to be further investigated.

This report has been through 2 cycles of stakeholders’ consultation between May and September 2017, also benefiting from their feedbacks through SDM’s Stakeholders’ Consultation Platform (SCP) and Cooperative Arrangements (CAs).