Did you know that... European aviation players are building a sustainable sky together for you! #DYKT

Since 2015, 93 Partners in 32 countries are modernising the European sky together through 343 aviation modernisation projects. Today, 190 of these projects are completed and make European aviation more resilient, efficient and environmentally sustainable. Their number is growing every day.

Just as any ambitious project isn’t achieved in one day or by one single organisation, this is the result of tremendous investments in time, money, energy and efforts by aviation operational stakeholders on their journey to deliver a more sustainable European aviation and in the end create a Single Digital European Sky.

This journey begun with a roadmap for modernising the European sky: identifying, developing, validating and deploying innovative aviation technologies leading to a modern Single Digital European Sky. Today, the SESAR Deployment Manager coordinates the last but decisive piece of this continuous innovation cycle: the deployment phase, turning modernisation solutions into an operational reality on the ground and in the air.

Since 2015, the SESAR Deployment Manager, mandated by the European Commission and with financial support from CINEA, is leading a successful approach to the modernisation and digitalisation of Europe’s Air Traffic Management through a unique set-up. The industry-for-industry approach involves multiple operational stakeholders working in close collaboration with European institutions. Airspace Users, civil and military Air Navigation Service Providers, Airports, Meteo Service Providers and many other partners are delivering a modernised Single Digital European Sky together on a daily basis.

Today, 190 out of the 343 aviation modernisation projects are already saving time, money, trees and fuel while digitalising the European sky. This ongoing journey of Air Traffic Management modernisation will continue for the years to come. By joining forces and building bridges between operational stakeholders and European institutions, a highly committed partnership for a resilient European ATM was achieved. SESAR Deployment Manager, together with its partners, continues the journey of modernising and digitalising the European sky to become more sustainable and resilient.