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    Being the coordinator of the SESAR Deployment Framework Partnership Agreement, the SDM coordinates all Implementing Partners’ proposals to the CEF Transport General and Cohesion Calls for Proposals under the category “common projects”. During the proposals’ preparation, the SDM performs an assessment and a screening of the candidate projects received and provides feedback to assist the candidate Implementing Partners in better addressing the CEF Transport calls 2015 requirements.

    Reference is made to the CEF text regarding Funding Priority 3 (SESAR), category 1 (common projects), which states:

    “Applicants under this category must coordinate their applications with the Deployment Manager who shall perform a screening of these applications to assess their relevance to this category. For this purpose the above mentioned applicants shall provide the Deployment Manager with all the necessary information that it requires to ensure coherence and effective coordination of the projects in accordance with the Deployment Programme. Based on this assessment, the Deployment Manager may advise the applicants to revise their applications or to submit them under the “Other projects” category.” (source:


    In the execution phase:

    As coordinator of the actions into which the implementation projects are embedded, SDM is in charge of submitting Action Status Report to INEA and request each beneficiary to produce a declaration on honour stating that the information provided is “full, reliable and true” and that costs are “real” and “eligible.

    As Deployment Manager, the SDM coordinates and synchronizes the implementation projects. The SDM analyses in particular the interdependencies between the implementation projects and the specific transversal risks stemming from these interdependencies. When mitigations are required, SDM interacts with the relevant implementing projects in order to mitigate transversal risks and ensure full and timely PCP implementation.

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    ANSP Air Navigation Service Provider
    ATM Air Traffic Management
    AO Airport Operator
    AU Airspace User
    CA Cooperative Arrangement
    CEF Connecting Europe Facility
    CfP Call for Proposals
    DLS Data Link Services
    DP Deployment Programme
    EASCG European ATM Standards Coordination Group
    EASA European Aviation Safety Agency
    EC European Commission
    EDA European Defence Agency
    ESSIP European Single Sky Implementation
    EUROCAE European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment
    FUA Flexible Use of Airspace
    IDSG Interim Deployment Steering Group
    INEA Innovation and Networks Executive Agency
    LO Liaison Officer
    MD Managing Director of the SESAR Deployment Manager
    NM Network Manager
    NOP Network Operations Plan
    NSA National Safety Authority
    PDP Preliminary Deployment Programme
    PRB Performance Review Body
    SESAR Single European Sky ATM Research
    SB Supervisory Board of the SESAR Deployment Manager
    SCP Stakeholders’ Consultation Platform of the SESAR Deployment Manager
    SDM SESAR Deployment Manager
    SG Steering Group of the SCP
    TS Thematic Sub-Group (=”Expert Group”) of SCP