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7/03/2017 Data Link Services presentation World ATM Congress 2017

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22/12/2016 Data Link Services Implementation Newsletter December 2016 

Read the first edition of the DLS Implementation Newsletter here.

28/10/2016 Data Link Services (DLS) Plan of activities for the 2016 CEF Tranport Calls

The Data Link Services (DLS) Plan of activities aims at providing a short recap of the next steps that are expected to be undertaken by all the relevant stakeholders (ANSPs, AUs, CSPs) in order to ensure the right and timely DLS IPs submission for the 2016 CEF Transport Calls by the 17th of November. Click here to download the Plan: 20161028 DLS Plan of activities 

25/10/2016 Manufacturing Industry Online Information Forum on DLS

SESAR 25 October: Manufacturing Industry Online Information Forum on DLS

21/10/2016 Guidelines for 2016 CEF Transport Calls responses preparation available

The 2016 CEF Transport Calls for proposal have been launched on 13th of October by the European Commission, and are available on the European Commission website.

In order to smoothen and synchronise the collaboration between SDM and Implementing Partners, for the elaboration and finalisation of the responses to the 2016 CEF Transport Calls, SDM is pleased to provide you with specific Guidelines for 2016 CEF Transport Calls responses preparation and Annexes: Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3

20/10/2016 Data Link Services Workshop

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19/10/2016 DLS Recovery Plan 

EC’s mandate to SDM refers to the Data Link Services (DLS) Recovery Plan that the SDM developed on the basis of the “DLS Implementation Strategy towards Initial Trajectory Information Sharing” with the support of all operational stakeholders and included into the Deployment Programme 2016 just released to EC. It also one of the references for applicants to the 2016 CEF Transport calls for proposals published on 13th October 2016.

The DLS Recovery Plan aims to set a realistic path from today’s DLS implementation status in Europe up to Initial Trajectory Information Sharing (AF6) implementation by the deadlines set in the Pilot Common Project (1st January 2025 for ground and 1st January 2026 for the airborne segment).

19/10/2016 SESAR Deployment Manager appointed as Data Link Services (DLS) Implementation Project Manager

SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) has been mandated by the European Commission (EC) to act as Data Link Services (DLS) Implementation Project Manager. By this mandate, EC aims to implement one of the key recommendations in the DLS study delivered by the SESAR Joint Undertaking in July 2016 (ELSA) to “empower a pan-European air/ground datalink implementing function having appropriate steering responsibilities”. In addition to its roles of Deployment Manager and Coordinator of the Framework Partnership to deploy SESAR, SDM will also act as architect for DLS implementation in Europe. Click here to read more.

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